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Humble St Joseph (JPII’s Model of Manhood)

Catholic men of society are destined and created by God to be the providers and protectors of all things sacred such as family life and spouses. We must look to the greatest earthly father that ever lived in the life of St Joseph. Christ’s humble servant, Joseph, faithfully trust and beared all the Fathers truth spoke to him by an angel of the Lord in a dream. St Joseph could have easily blown off the dream as an illusion. St Joseph could have believed the dream of the angel for a week until others told him he was crazy. St Joseph could’ve trusted in the Lord until it became challenging. St Joseph could’ve out right said no when he took Mary already pregnant as his spouse. Rather St Joseph hoped all things, believed all things, and obeyed all things. St Joseph was soo close to His heavenly Father and sooo faithful to the small instances of the Lord Jesus working in his heart and soul that nothing of this world could take him away from his mission in life of being the Foster Father of Jesus and the Protector spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Joseph your humble servitude to never getting used to the things that are magnificent like the visitation of the angel of the Lord in your dreams destined you to a life amazing blessed by spending your life with the son our Lord Jesus and His Immaculate Mother Mary.


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