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Spiritual Warfare…How do we fight back?

Jesus has already won the battle! So all we have to do is cling to Him. Easier said than done right….True. One concrete way to fight back is to do a nightly examination of conscience.  By performing a nightly examination of conscience we can reflect on the virtues exemplified that day, the temptations the devil throws our way, and the traps of sin fell into. That way by tracking each of these (virtues, temptations, sin) we can get a pulse on our spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus and determine what is going well and what needs more of the Lord’s grace and mercy to overcome. We do this same kind of activity for financial and fitness goals…why not implement for our spiritual goals. I’m never going to save up for retirement or strengthen my cardiovascular system by nonchalantly going about some vision. Rather order and discipline is required to achieve the end for which we were made, heaven.


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Vice vs Virtue

Vice Virtue
Lust Chastity
Gluttony Temperance
Greed Charity
Sloth Diligence
Wrath Patience
Envy Kindness
Pride Humility

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